Issues and Priorities

If re-elected, I will continue to focus on student success, collaboration with community partners, sustainability, and the fiscal integrity necessary for SMC's advancement. Following are issues and priorities where I will strive for continued progress.

Students First! Expanding Pathways to Success

“Santa Monica College... is experiencing a renaissance of creativity and constructive collaboration. The college culture values innovation, originality, and student-centeredness.”  2010 Accreditation Report

maintain and improve SMC's record as the #1 transfer school to 4-year colleges;
strengthen programs to improve educational outcomes for basic skills students and to  increase academic achievement and retention for students struggling or at risk of dropping out;
develop, expand, and promote career/tech, vocational, and job training programs;
preserve dual enrollment opportunities for Santa Monica and Malibu high school students;
create a seamless path for local high school students interested in attending SMC, including pathways for career/tech training;
preserve specialized programs such as Emeritus College for older adults and expand Community Education Classes;
establish a Malibu Education Center to serve Malibu residents of all ages.
continue to serve local businesses and entrepreneurs with contract programs tailored to their needs

Community Partnerships

“Trustees are all activists in the community and ... are dedicated to enhancing and forging new linkages to surrounding agencies and feeder school districts”  2010 Accreditation Report

explore and develop internships,  job training and career path partnerships with local industries including the transportation, health care, hospitality, technology, entertainment, and education industries;
expand and facilitate tutoring/mentoring relationships between SMC students and SMMUSD students and provide practicums for SMC students pursuing careers in teaching;
develop mutually beneficial partnerships with the cities of Santa Monica and Malibu, the Santa Monica Malibu School District and non-profit organizations in both cities.

Open, Honest, and Ongoing Communication to build Constructive, Respectful Relationships

“There is an environment of openess, of optimism, and of excitement in spite of a gloomy budget situation external to the college.” 2010 Accreditation Report

encourage inventiveness, professionalism, innovation, and personal initiative grounded in supporting student success;
maintain and strengthen the campus culture we have established of collaboration, respectful dialogue, inclusiveness and transparency;
maintain and strengthen collaborative, respectful, and professional relationships with and among faculty and classified staff and the entire campus community;
maintain open and regular (not crisis-driven) communication with members of the Santa Monica City Council, the Malibu City Council, the School District, and community members and groups.

Financial Health and Sustainability

“The Independent Auditor’s Report listed zero audit findings, an outstanding accomplishment. The audit statements demonstrate the college’s ability to manage their finances responsibly, timely, accurately, and with integrity.” 2010 Accreditation Report

eliminate the deficit and balance the budget;
ensure the budget reflects and efficiently and effectively supports SMC's mission;
develop the budget in a process that is transparent and credible, allowing for meaningful input, analysis, and recommendations to the Board by multiple stakeholders;
pursue additional funding through federal, state, and private grant applications and entrepreneurial enterprise activities
increase the ratio of full time faculty to part time faculty and achieve parity for part time faculty

Living Green

“Santa Monica College has adopted sustainability as a college value and goal. The college is a leader among community colleges in incorporating sustainable practices into the fabric of the college. ... this college is an exemplary model of sustainable operational practices.” 2010 Accreditation Report

Use green technology and materials for new construction, facilities maintenance, operations, and vehicle upgrades;
continue to support and expand student, staff, and community ridership on the Big Blue Bus, reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality;
ensure all new construction meets or surpasses Silver LEED standards;
expand open space;

work with the City of Santa Monica to establish safe bicycle routes to SMC and access to Expo.

Leadership at the State Level

“...resiliency and spirit of innovation ... are the hallmarks of Santa Monica College.” 2010 Accreditation Report

serve as an elected member of the California Community College Trustees (CCCT) Board of Directors
travel to Sacramento as needed to work closely with legislators, CCCT, and strategic partners to develop and promote State legislation, funding, and regulations that support the mission of community colleges and SMC.